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Kyle Before Drugs

Kyle was fired for the work he missed (four days total). He had doctors notes two from the ER and one from a specialist), was on narcotics (rendering not only unable to physically do his job, also legally. Working for TERMINIX as a tech he drove a truck most of his work day) and was suffering from a great deal of pain caused by abnormal complications that the doctors told us had the potential to lead to kidney failure had it not been treated properly and most importantly, immediately.

We've since found out that TERMINIX makes a common practice of treating their employees this way, hiding behind legal contracts signed upon hire. Essentially making it impossible to take legal action against the company for unethical and in some cases unlawful treatment. This is what they're doing to their employees, imagine what they're doing to their customers.

Do some googling there is a lot of information regarding unethical and in some cases unlawful treatment of employees and customers from TERMINIX and SERVICEMASTER their parent company.
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