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Previous Entry We're moving to another spot on the web Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 03:03 am Next Entry
We still love livejournal, don't get us wrong. But we're trying something new at the Liberal Christians Network, where you can now post about Politics and Religion.

I could use some able assistants. We now have newsfeeds coming into the news and views area. What I would like to do is have a team of people split up the newsfeeds between them and scour them daily for interesting articles. Then (after signing up for the blog) they would need to post a paragraph and a link to the rest of the article. We will include both off-site articles and relevant on-site ones as they start to come in.

The goal is to provide 3 excellent newsfeeds of our own in Religion, Politics, and Green Living. If you have a passion for any of those areas and want to help people become informed, and if you are committed to doing about 15 minutes of cutting and pasting per day everyday we could have those most excellent newsfeeds up and running in no time. :)

Additionally, again if you have a passion for a particular area.. such as Gay Christianity, and would like to adopt or co-adopt that topic you could take on the responsibilities for finding and adding new content as well as writing some of your own.
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